Shipping Policy

You may return only if the item you purchased arrives different than described on the sale post. For a refund or exchange within 7 days of receiving the package, only if item is different than described, no shipping charges will be placed upon the buyer. Returned merchandise must be in unworn condition. Furthermore, the original shipping charge is non-refundable unless we made a mistake. In some cases, we may have to charge shipping for exchanges, even if your order originally received free shipping.
The sizing of clothing can vary between brands and even between items of the same make and size. For New Era fitted hats, the sizes are close approximations and are not 100% consistent. This means, for example, that one fitted hat in 7 1/2 might fit differently from another 7 1/2, although they will be quite close. While you can still return merchandise for this reason, we will not be considered to be at fault.
To return or exchange, please do the following:
1. Package the item in the original packaging. All hats must be in a box large enough to fit them without any crushing. We recommend re-using the box that the hat was originally shipped in. Any hats shipped in bags, envelopes, or undersized boxes will be refused.
2. Include a detailed note explaining your request for a refund or exchange.
3. Ship the merchandise to our address using USPS First Class (or Priority Mail if the package is too heavy for First Class):
The shipping address will be provided upon request of return.